BookACar INC reserves the right to refuse transport to any person in accordance with the Policy. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED in all vehicles. When an occupant smokes in a vehicle, they will have to remove themselves from the vehicle until all smoking has been done, and there will be an additional charge of $300 for smoke removal. In the event that sanitization is necessary, there will be an additional charge of $300.

If anything requires replacement or repair on the vehicle(s) being hired due to misuse or destruction from passengers, additional charges apply in accordance with the Policy. BookACar INC uses video without audio in all of our cars for insurance purposes, quality control, and training opportunities. If the Passenger wishes not to be filmed, please ask the Chauffeur to cover the inside camera. All videos and pictures will be protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy and used only for internal, legal, and insurance purposes. BookACar INC reserves the right to send additional emails and texts to previous and existing clients for the purposes of the company and industry updates, new procedures, specials, and information that will create peace of mind, make life easier, and generate an unforgettable experience.

Pieces of information collected from BookACar INC clients will not be sold or used by any 3rd party except its subsidiaries and partners for the use of providing the service agreed upon in confirmations. By accepting service, clients and passengers agree to BookACar INC Policy.

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